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Hi! Welcome to Erin Sage Photography! My love of people and stories has brought me to this place-documenting special moments and I love it! I love that my work never feels like work because it brings me so much joy! Enjoy the blog and feel free to leave a comment! I love feedback!

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I Do: Dan & Ashleigh Corley Mill Wedding Photography

  I'm back. Yes, I am still here. Yes, my doors are still open. I have gotten those questions a lot lately. I cannot believe how long this blog has sat quiet. It has been difficult life season for us and when life gets a little too loud sometimes we are forced to slow down and get quiet.  Our family has had some health issues this past year along with my husband starting graduate school for counseling and we have been forced to make some things smaller and my business was one of them. As part of slowing down and healing we have also moved to Columbia, SC. I am slowly relocating and building some business now here as well. I am learning a new stride and even seeing the beauty in this season of surrendering and resting.

    I am sharing something truly near and dear to my heart today which feels like a perfect "comeback post". I adore these two humans. They are also family...but I would choose them even if they weren't. Daniel, my nephew, I have known since I think he was nine! I cried my way through Dan and Ashleigh's wedding day (don't worry images remained in focus). It was hard not to. These two are the real deal...honest live your moments kind of people and it was easy to get lost in their day. It made my heart and soul come alive. So many moments of surrender, sacrifice and love. I pray it's what these two are always about. I have loved watching their journey and I love that because we are family I get to continue beside them in the years to come. 

I hope you not only see some of their best moments but feel like you were there as well. Enjoy some of my favorites from their Corley Mill Wedding.


I Do: Travis & Emily Columbia SC Wedding Photography

So so much to catch up on and I couldn't think of a better way to start than with Travis and Emily's beautiful 701 Whaley wedding in Columbia. The blush tones of the bridesmaids dresses mixed perfectly with the groomsmen's dapper black tuxedos. The gorgeous bouqets were filled with peonies and anemones and were both striking and delicate all at the same time. I cannot wait for you to see! Travis and Emily's ceremony was set for after dark so they agreed to a first look and I just adored capturing that moment between them. These two were a dream to work with and we truly felt like we were just spending the day with friends and family. Enjoy some of my favorites from this special day!



Wedding: Bryant & Jenny. Columbia, SC Wedding Photography

This wedding is gushing full of beautiful details. Gray and yellow combos are seriously my favorites! I think this design worked so well with the fun backdrop of 701 Whaley in Columbia, SC- I know you will be inspired!  I first met Jenny and Bryant for their e-session in Georgetown months before their wedding. They are a thoughtful, gentle, and caring couple. A dream to work with. These two are rooted deeply in family and one another. It was so sweet to watch the many interactions throughout the can tell Jenny's family is delighted to have Bryant as their son-in-law, and Bryant's family very clearly cherishes Jenny. It's just really neat to see that love and support for these two as they start their new life together. It was tough pulling favorites as I felt like I had so many! Here is a sneak peek!