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Hi! Welcome to Erin Sage Photography! My love of people and stories has brought me to this place-documenting special moments and I love it! I love that my work never feels like work because it brings me so much joy! Enjoy the blog and feel free to leave a comment! I love feedback!


Shelley and Jonathan 

We had an absolute blast shooting Jonathan and Shelley's southern style wedding. The sky was a beautiful blue, the breeze swept through the Spanish moss, and the clouds seemed to roll in at all the right times, not to mention we had an awesome group of people to work with! Myself, Karen, and Brook(my trusty ninja shooters!) joined up with everyone at Boone Hall Plantation for Shelley and Jonathan's outdoor wedding. Looking out at the beautiful Avenue of the Oaks, Shelley and Jonathan joined their lives in marriage. The whole thing felt like it was right out of a movie. The reception at the Cotton Dock was a dessert lovers paradise- every sweet treat under the sun. I fell in love with the architecture inside this place, and the old wooden barn doors gave such a feeling of southern simplicity. Thank you both for sharing these amazing moments with us. I had a hard time choosing my you can enjoy more than a few! Enjoy your new life together in Florence!






















Off to Charleston...

I'm headed to Charleston for the weekend to capture Shelley and Jonathan's big day! They are such an amazing couple and a ton of fun to be around. The ceremony and reception are at Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant- the weather should be beautiful and the scenery is perfect!


Colby Reese

My husband and I were in Charleston over the weekend and got to spend some time with our friends the Evans' and their little guy. His name may be Colby but he answers to many including- Poos Cakes, Captain Kanuckles, or simply "the Captain"....that's my personal favorite at least. He is perhaps the happiest child I have ever met. His vocabulary is just exploding- you really never know what will come out of his little mouth next. The whole family is so photogenic that it's hard not to snap a few shots! Ok- well I couldn't help myself- I snapped more than a few! Some of my favorite are in front of the Citadel where Lance and my husband went to school.... if tradition continues Colby may find himself in uniform there one day (in which case these pics would be priceless!). Enjoy!    


Let the blogging begin!

Considering my love for writing, I am not sure why I have put off launching my blog before today. I spent most of my afternoon searching the web for inspiration, photographs I love, and photographers I admire. I came across Punam Bean's site. Not only are her photos absolutely amazing and she is self-taught, but she is a fascinating writer! I found myself wanting to read her blog all day! So with a little inspiration- here I am.
What an amazing journey to bring me here to this place. I didn't envision that I would one day become a professional photographer launching my own site, shooting weddings, and capturing moments that can never again be recreated- what a privilege and honor! It honestly overwhelms me sometimes that someone would see talent in me and entrust me with their moments. As this weekend approaches and I am gathering my gear together for a wedding in Charleston I just had to take a moment to pray- Lord let me see every moment, that You would open my eyes to see the beauty and the love You have created. What an amazing job and journey this is.

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